Times are changing! Reinforce Telling the Time Outdoors

Times are changing - Time Panels

Look… No Hands!

Time is so important to every one of us… we all get the same amount of time every day, but how we use and manage our time can change the dynamics of our day. Understanding time and having good time keeping can reduce stress levels, improve work-life balance and be an essential skill in the modern world of work.

So if telling the time is such an important, everyday skill, why are our children finding it harder and harder to tell the time, especially in an analogue format?

Is it because we live in a world where time is increasingly represented in a digital format, where children do not have to think about the meaning of time? Is it because our children’s chances to see and practise telling the time with a clock with moving hands is decreasing year upon year?


Why it’s Important to Keep Children Active

Keep Children Active

The western world has a growing obesity problem and worryingly the rising numbers of children and young adults are becoming overweight or obese. Parents and educators need to join the movement for change and should model and teach children that activity levels are directly linked to weight gain, as well as the diet they consume.

Physical activity can both reduce or even prevent future health problems as well as help to control a person’s weight. Children need active play to develop and grow properly and it even strengthens their brain and the connections between bones, muscles and brain.


How to Implement STEM into Your Playground

Tiered Amphitheatre Seating

Children all learn in different ways. While there are those who benefit more from learning inside the classroom, others may prefer the more hands-on approach. Learning through play can be a very effective method of teaching, giving children the chance to build knowledge through something they enjoy doing. You can easily integrate the four key disciplines of STEM education into your playground for both play times and outdoor teaching.


The Effectiveness and Impact of Music in Schools

Ofsted inspections are increasingly focusing on how schools are providing a broad and balanced curriculum, where creative subjects such as Music play a key part. With pressures to reach the raised standards for English and Mathematics, this presents a challenge for teachers, especially when teaching year groups where children are taking the Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs). However, making the time to include creativity and Music in the curriculum, will positively benefit both your children and your school.


Motivating Little Movers With Movable Mountains

Get your Little Movers Motivated with Movable Mountains!

Lucky EYFS practitioners and children are loving this new, innovative range of miniature climbing equipment. Why has no-one ever made this product before? It’s such a simple, but original idea! It’s so great to finally have a clever range of portable, wooden, play trail components that staff can easily move around whenever they wish, rejuvenating EYFS outdoors areas and re-energising the children. The truly mobile Little Movers Range creates such a flexible and creative play space! No week, or even day, need ever be the same!