Besthorpe Playground Officially Opened

Besthorpe Playground Opening

A dedicated, local Besthorpe resident has spent 18 months raising thousands of pounds to renovate a playground, that was in much need of repair.

Fiona Jones moved to the Besthorpe area with her young family a few years ago and discovered that the playground was in a desperately poor state. She shared “It was sad to see a spot where children are supposed to be playing looking ruined and miserable.  It’s great to see it full of life now.”


Go Mad for Gardening!

Go Mad For Gardening

10 Simple Gardening Ideas to Inspire Busy Little Green Fingers

National Children’s Gardening Week 29th April– 5th May 2019

With National Children’s Gardening Week on the horizon, here are a few simple, green ideas to get your children inspired in the garden, whether at home with family or at school. Kids love gardening and getting close to nature and children will never complain about getting involved in a growing project or fail to be captivated by the changes from a tiny seed to a full grown plant!

May is a great time for children to get garden projects underway as they will see quick results as the weather hopefully starts to improve and gets warmer! So here are a few ideas to capture their enthusiasm and to celebrate the fun and enjoyment that gardening can bring.


It’s all Smiles at St. Tudy

All Smiles at St. Tudy - Playground Opening

If you pass by the Cornish village of St. Tudy on a bright sunny day or even on a grey, misty morning, you’ll hear the delighted sound of children having fun at their stunning, new play park on the St. Tudy Playing Fields.

The village’s former rundown play area is now a distant memory, as in its place stands a modern, vibrant, inviting, play space that is already helping children to enjoy being active whilst they create new, happy memories and friendships to last a lifetime. Here at Schoolscapes, we are very proud to have designed, supplied and installed such a special, top quality play park, creating a lasting legacy for the whole community and for lucky visitors to enjoy.


Get Outdoors and Get Active!

Active Play

Social, Emotional Mental Health is of high priority across the UK and is a key topic of discussion amongst education and health services. Alarmingly, it is documented by Young Minds and the DfE that ‘one in ten children and young people aged 5 to 16 has a clinically diagnosed mental health disorder’; this translates to approximately 3 children in every classroom.

Schools are seeing a rise in the number of children who are struggling with their attention within academic activities and many are now employing members of staff to specifically support children with their mental health within the school day.