Score for your School with Incredible New Sports Facilities!

Chaddlewood Miners

Here at Schoolscapes we are so pleased that children of all ages at school are now enjoying top quality sporting facilities. The children we spoke to love that they can now access sports in all weathers, thanks to their MUGAs (Multi-Use Games Area) and 3G Sports Surfacing.

They said they felt “sad and frustrated” when muddy and wet conditions stopped their play, but now there’s nothing stopping them from accessing their Multi Ball Wall, Target Panels, Junior/Senior Sports Goal or playing a wide range of team sports. The children particularly love the different Sports Markings, allowing them to play a wide variety of popular games.

Its even stimulating their creativity as one child enthused “ I have made up my own sports games using the colourful lines, for me and my friends to play.” Another child exclaimed “I love the Ball Shoot as I have beaten my target 3 times now!” So children are using their exciting, new sports facilities to develop personal goals, competitive skills as well as becoming more resilient, determined and dedicated.


Create Future Sports Stars!

MUGA - Create Future Sports Stars!

Global sporting events such as the World Cup and Wimbledon always hope to inspire the young sportsmen and women of the future. Success in a sport comes through practice and dedication, as well as through talent.  But where would the top sports stars be today if they had never had the chance to even try their sport?

Here at Schoolscapes, we believe that all children should have the chance to engage in different sports, so they can discover which they enjoy, which they are good at and which they’d like to focus on into the future.


How to Implement STEM into Your Playground

Tiered Amphitheatre Seating

Children all learn in different ways. While there are those who benefit more from learning inside the classroom, others may prefer the more hands-on approach. Learning through play can be a very effective method of teaching, giving children the chance to build knowledge through something they enjoy doing. You can easily integrate the four key disciplines of STEM education into your playground for both play times and outdoor teaching.


Become Part of Royal Wedding History!

Royal Wedding

What could be more British, fun and memorable, than joining in with the celebrations of the latest royal wedding? Why not create an outdoor celebratory event that will live in your children’s memories forever?

Get your pupils involved in history in the making, by holding a fun royal wedding celebration in your school. The children can design menus, recipes, invitations, bunting, flags, hats, crowns, placemats, table clothes and even wedding clothes for themselves, teachers or the royal couple! The opportunities for creative writing and art and design are limitless!


The Importance of Linking Learning and Play

Linking Learning and Outdoor Play

In EYFS, teachers are incredibly adept at linking learning and play. In fact, they are skilled at knowing how to appeal to their children’s interests, how to adapt this into a variety of play situations and then how to gently guide and enable children to learn through play.

Pretty much across Europe, children begin school in a play based environment, giving them opportunities to explore, try, test, discuss and learn through play before starting a more formal education. There is so much evidence to suggest that children learn and develop faster through play than through any other medium!