The Importance of Linking Learning and Play

Linking Learning and Outdoor Play

In EYFS, teachers are incredibly adept at linking learning and play. In fact, they are skilled at knowing how to appeal to their children’s interests, how to adapt this into a variety of play situations and then how to gently guide and enable children to learn through play.

Pretty much across Europe, children begin school in a play based environment, giving them opportunities to explore, try, test, discuss and learn through play before starting a more formal education. There is so much evidence to suggest that children learn and develop faster through play than through any other medium!


5 Teaching Benefits Of Installing A Daily Mile Track

5 Teaching Benefits To Installing A Daily Mile Track

Many schools have started to consider whether they should introduce a daily mile into the school day. Understandably teachers are slightly concerned about adding yet another thing into an already busy curriculum. However, there are many benefits to having a Daily Mile Track which very much outweigh the negatives and concerns about time management.

A regular run will help improve focus, behaviour and concentration, will ensure that schools are tackling childhood obesity and fitness levels and will give teachers a quick and easy PE session when time is tight!  There are many benefits to installing a Daily Mile Track, but here are the top 5 benefits to teachers.


Effective Ways To Spend Your Sports Premium

Sports Premium 2018/19

Sports Premium Funding for schools is a fantastic way to increase activity levels and improve wellbeing of children in schools.  Primary Schools in England are now entitled to receive £16,000 plus £10 per pupil in schools where there are 17 pupils or more or schools with 16 or fewer pupils receive £1,000 per pupil, in order to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality and effectiveness of PE and sports in schools.

This funding has been available to schools since 2013, but Ofsted are now much more interested in the impact of this funding and, therefore, schools must ensure, and provide evidence, that they are using the Sports Premium in the most effective ways.

Previously, too many schools were using the funding to provide the minimum PE sessions required (including swimming) or to provide PE teaching during PPA (planning, preparation and assessment) sessions.  The DfE has cracked down on this practice and has made it clear that this is not an appropriate use of the Sports Premium.


Fostering Positive Learning Attitudes Through Effective Playtime

Fostering Positive Learning Attitudes Through Effective Playtime

Time is precious. This saying is especially true within primary schools. For the children, their time in primary school is relatively short; the memories that they make are vivid and long lasting and the lessons they learn are the building blocks of their lives within education.

For teachers, there is a lot to teach in the little time that they have with their pupils. Break times and lunch times are a vital time for pupils to have a change of scene, recharge and come back to class energised for the learning that will follow.

All educators understand that negative encounters experienced over break times can have a huge impact on children’s attitudes and therefore on the quality and effectiveness of learning taking place in the classroom.


How Wood Primary School

How Wood Primary School Fitness Trail

Fitness Trail and Outdoor Classroom

How Wood Primary School and Nursery had some old equipment which didn’t meet the needs of the children. Because the school was tight on space at break-times we found a new location away from the tarmac on the field; this hadn’t been considered before, due to the need to have access to the equipment all year around. The school went for grant funding to try increasing the amount they had to spend from the PTA budget and to enable them to incorporate an outdoor classroom.

The Headteacher, Business Manager and PTA worked together to select the equipment and ensure it was suitable for the whole school with the upper body, core strength and balance being a priority. The school wanted the outdoor classroom to be sufficiently open in order to make it easy to supervise, as well as using it as a place to view sports activities from.