Greystoke Primary School

Greystoke Primary School Early Years Imaginative Play Space

Early Years Imaginative Play Space

We have created an imaginative play space for the Early Years children at Greystoke Primary School.

The play area incorporates a Play Boat Bob to inspire both imaginative and role play. There is a Storytelling and outdoor learning area which includes a Storyteller’s Chair and Amphitheatre Seating making this a great social space for the children to read and sit together.

A mark making area with the double-sided Post Mounted Poly Paint Station was also installed to inspire and encourage creativity. There are two Post Mounted Activity Panels; the Theatre Panel and the Flip Over Noughts and Crosses Panel to encourage social interaction and co-operation. Finally, a Full Tree Seat offers another seating area around the tree in the centre of the play space.

Forest School

School Playground Equipment

Project Brief

We were asked to create an active play space among the trees at a Forest School.

The design incorporates a series of Tree Platforms linked by Adventure Trail components; Clatter Bridge, Log Crossing, Burma Bridge and Stepping Logs. The Tree Platforms each have a couple of Activity panels to encourage imaginative play and teamwork along the route.

The Polycarbonate Shelter was added to the front of the school building to provide sheltered outdoor space for teaching and playing. The Shaded Classic Planters provide valuable seating and a place to grow sensory plants to help teach about seasonality and care for the environment.