11 Ways to Make a Forest School

Forest Schools

Is your school situated in an urban environment? Having no trees and greenery in your grounds may be forcing you to get all of your children on a minibus, and take them to a park or nature reserve. This may make for a fantastic day out, but what about when you want to bring the same learning opportunities back to your tarmac space. Below are some of our own simple ideas for you to enhance your tarmac play area and develop the learning every day.


How Outdoor Learning Can Benefit Early Years

Benefits of Outdoor Learning for Early Years

Learning outdoors can offer a range of benefits for children in their early years. Some children will find it more difficult to learn in a classroom environment, even when they do not have formal lessons. Therefore, going outside to explore gives them more freedom to learn in a way that is better for them, boosting their eagerness for learning.

1 Ofsted’s report, ‘How Far Should You Go?’, explains how well-planned outdoor activities cannot only boost a child’s ability to learn but also to motivate them further.

Playing outdoors is hugely important for a child’s development from building fitness to how they take in new information, and it offers the following benefits.


Roald Dahl Day

Roald Dahl Day

Roald Dahl Day is here! We cordially invite you to celebrate with us by taking part in some wonderful activities. Try our quiz below and test your knowledge on some of our team’s favourite Roald Dahl Characters. Don’t forget to share your results and let us know how you did!


How will you spend your Sport Premium?

Sports Premium

What is the ‘PE and sport premium’ & why is it doubling?

The PE and sport premium is a grant awarded to schools across the UK each year to improve the sport and PE lessons and extracurricular activities offered. The difference is this year that this grant has been doubled, giving schools more funding than ever before, to help improve sports for primary school children across the country.

The concept behind the grant is to improve fitness, build confidence and increase general well-being of primary school-aged pupils. It has been confirmed that from this September (September 2017) the PE and sport premium will be doubled, to help further improve physical education and outdoor play in England.

The aim of doubling the funding is to help prevent childhood obesity and encourage children from five to ten years old to lead more active lives, starting at school. By awarding eligible schools more funds, this makes improving the physical education and sport on offer much easier, enhancing pupil learning experiences.


How to Fund Raise for Your School

How to Fund Raise For Your School

We know that getting the right funding for your school project can be tough. Waiting on funds can be very frustrating, and it can be daunting to go about in the first place. Don’t be put off. There are many opportunities to receive funding, and as long as you plan appropriately, you will make the whole process much smoother. We have a lot of experience helping schools get through the funding process, have a read of our key points to consider when applying for funding.

Information you will need to provide

Funding applications often ask similar questions. You can be sure to be asked for specific information such as the following:

  • Why is your project necessary?
  • How will your project be delivered?
  • How will your project impact your school?
  • What is your budget?