A is for Active Playgrounds

A is for Active! Getting Children More Mobile

Getting Children More Mobile

It is frightening to read that The World Health Organisation ranks childhood obesity as one of the most serious global public health challenges of the 21st century! According to the Children’s Food Trust in February 2018, “on average across the UK, almost one-quarter of children are overweight or obese by the time they start school. Obese children are at greater risk of conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and of heart disease and stroke as they get older. Obesity in childhood can contribute to behavioural and emotional difficulties like depression and reduce educational attainment. Obese children are more likely to need medical care and days off school as a result of illness.”


From Strength to Strength with Schoolscapes!

Working Hard to Improve Strength and Fitness

At Schoolscapes we are proud of increasing children’s fitness, stamina and strength throughout nurseries, schools and parks across the country. Our innovative design team work tirelessly to create designs that stimulate physical, cognitive and social activity, allowing children to develop better co-ordination, body strength, agility and stamina whilst having fun playing outdoors. Increased activity levels lead to improved strength and fitness and with our inclusive playground designs, we have something to inspire everyone to get moving and grow stronger!


Score for your School with Incredible New Sports Facilities!

Chaddlewood Miners

Here at Schoolscapes we are so pleased that children of all ages at school are now enjoying top quality sporting facilities. The children we spoke to love that they can now access sports in all weathers, thanks to their MUGAs (Multi-Use Games Area) and 3G Sports Surfacing. They said they felt “sad and frustrated” when muddy and wet conditions stopped their play, but now there’s nothing stopping them from accessing their Multi Ball Wall, Target Panels, Junior/Senior Sports Goal or playing a wide range of team sports. The children particularly love the different Sports Markings, allowing them to play a wide variety of popular games. Its even stimulating their creativity as one child enthused “ I have made up my own sports games using the colourful lines, for me and my friends to play.” Another child exclaimed “I love the Ball Shoot as I have beaten my target 3 times now!” So children are using their exciting, new sports facilities to develop personal goals, competitive skills as well as becoming more resilient, determined and dedicated.


5 Reasons to Promote Risk Taking in your Play Space

Promoting Risk Taking in the Playground

Children need to take risks in order to learn how to deal with the challenges and risks that form part of their everyday lives. If we overprotect our children, then how will they learn to manage the risks that surround them, both independently and safely? Children need to be able to self-assess risk to succeed in their young and adult lives. They need to learn to overcome fears of failure, to rebound confidently and learn from their mistakes. They need to know how to respond appropriately in a world full of risks as well as to be able to compete competitively in a world of risk-takers. What place could be better or more fun to help children to develop this skill, than in a park, a nursery or in a school playground?


Why it’s Important to Keep Children Active

Keep Children Active

The western world has a growing obesity problem and worryingly the rising numbers of children and young adults are becoming overweight or obese. Parents and educators need to join the movement for change and should model and teach children that activity levels are directly linked to weight gain, as well as the diet they consume. Physical activity can both reduce or even prevent future health problems as well as help to control a person’s weight. Children need active play to develop and grow properly and it even strengthens their brain and the connections between bones, muscles and brain.