Priority Inclusive Play – A Play Space for Everyone

Inclusive Play for Every Child

An inclusive playground is a harmonious, joyful place where all children feel at their happiest whilst having the freedom to choose how to use their free time and play together naturally. An inclusive play space is both an asset and an essential requirement for every educational environment, providing a recreational area where peoples’ differences are celebrated and where journeys of discovery and adventure are not only unhindered but enhanced.

A truly inclusive play area offers opportunities, fun and adventure for every child. Integrated playgrounds allow children with all kinds of physical, emotional and learning disabilities to take risks and meet challenges, as well as allowing wheelchair access, so no child is denied the freedom that play can offer. All children can play together in one, universal, accessible play space.


Make Sense of Sensory Learning!

Make Sense of Sensory Learning

Children learn to make sense of the world around them, through using their own 5 senses from the minute they start to develop, even whilst safely tucked away inside their mother at the beginning of their life’s journey. So it makes perfect sense to carry on providing opportunities for children to learn through sensory stimulation as they continue to explore, change and grow in an exciting and ever-changing world.

What’s more, the majority of children love to use their senses both to learn and discover new concepts, as well as to reinforce old and familiar experiences throughout their lives. In fact for some children, sensory exploration is one of the strategies for learning with which they feel most comfortable. For many children who have lacked sensory stimulation early on in their life, they will continue to crave physical, real experiences and feel happiest when carrying out hands-on learning.


Playground Inspection Checklist

Playground Inspection

Regularly inspecting both the equipment and the grounds of a playground installation ensures it remains a safe place for children to play and have fun. It helps to plan and follow a timetable of regular playground inspections, which then results in any required maintenance work or preventative actions being detected and implemented as soon as possible.

In an educational setting, playgrounds should be inspected by a responsible member of staff on a daily basis, or before less regular use, to ensure that the playing space remains safe. However, a more detailed, scheduled, regular maintenance inspection should always take place. This can be easily set up and carried out in-house by your establishment and then any advice sought regarding any maintenance work required.


Red Nose Day 2019

Red Nose Day 2019

Ready Steady Go! RED NOSE DAY 2019 is nearly here!

This Friday on 15 March, people across the country will be coming together to have a go at doing anything funny or fun to raise money for Comic Relief. No matter how big or small a gesture or activity, all the small donations of money add up in the end, making supporting people in need both in the UK and around the world that little bit easier. The more money raised the more of a difference the Comic Relief team can make.


Get Comfy, World Book Day is on the Horizon

World Book Day

Celebrate World Book Day this March

At Schoolscapes we truly understand the importance of reading and learning from books all the year around. But, we particularly love to join in with this fun celebration of books and reading for World Book Day on 7th March 2019, alongside all the schools, nurseries and families out there! For many, this provides an opportunity to celebrate authors, illustrators, poets, books of all types and genres and more importantly just the power of reading!