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Linking Learning and Outdoor Play

The Importance of Linking Learning and Play

Primary School

In EYFS, teachers are incredibly adept at linking learning and play. In fact, they are skilled at knowing how to appeal to their children’s interests, how to adapt this into a variety of play situations and then how to gently guide and enable children to learn through play. Pretty much across Europe, children begin school […]

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5 Teaching Benefits To Installing A Daily Mile Track

5 Teaching Benefits To Installing A Daily Mile Track

Early Years & Nursery Primary School

Many schools have started to consider whether they should introduce a daily mile into the school day.  Understandably teachers are slightly concerned about adding yet another thing into an already busy curriculum.  However, there are many benefits to having a Daily Mile Track which very much outweigh the negatives and concerns about time management.   […]

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Sports Premium

Effective Ways To Spend Your Sports Premium

Early Years & Nursery Grants & Funding Resources Primary School

In July 2017 it was announced by Justine Greene (the Education Secretary), that the Sports Premium funding for schools would be doubled for the academic year 2017 – 18.  Schools are now entitled to receive £16,000 plus £10 per pupil (in schools where there are 17 pupils or more) in order to make additional and […]

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Planning Your First Playground Project

Planning Your First Playground Project : A Teacher’s Guide

Outdoor Play & Learning Projects

  Planning your first playground project can be exciting and overwhelming in equal measures. You may have been asked by your Headteacher to come up with a proposal as part of your performance management, or you may have identified areas of the playground which need an update and are keen to take a proposal to […]

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