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Walk To School Week

Walk to School Week: 5 Day Challenge for your Pupils!

Early Years & Nursery Primary School

  Walk to School Week: 5 Day Challenge for your Pupils! Walk to School Week 21-25th May 2018 Simply walking to school can bring many health benefits. Why not help your pupils to take the pledge to walk to school and join in with this country-wide celebration of walking? You can set your own ‘Walk […]

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Royal Wedding

Become Part of Royal Wedding History!

Early Years & Nursery Primary School

  What could be more British, fun and memorable, than joining in with the celebrations of the latest royal wedding? Why not create an outdoor celebratory event that will live in your children’s memories forever? Get your pupils involved in history in the making, by holding a fun royal wedding celebration in your school. The […]

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Linking Learning and Outdoor Play

The Importance of Linking Learning and Play

Primary School

In EYFS, teachers are incredibly adept at linking learning and play. In fact, they are skilled at knowing how to appeal to their children’s interests, how to adapt this into a variety of play situations and then how to gently guide and enable children to learn through play. Pretty much across Europe, children begin school […]

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Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud!

Early Years & Nursery

Any fly on a wall would tell you how much fun both children and families enjoy through outdoor learning… and what brings more smiles, awe and wonder and an abundance of fantastic learning opportunities, than mud and water and pots and pans in a mud kitchen? Which other simple activity can teach language and social […]

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